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"...über luxurious yet totally practical and reasonably priced French linen bedding that strike the perfect balance."

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"From their top quality French flax to the stonewashed colors...Olive Wren’s range is ideal for summers and cosy winters."

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"Dream of sleeping in luxurious French bed linens? This French Bed Linen Collection Is Shockingly Affordable!"

"I have received the Olive Wren bedding a couple months ago, It’s been through a couple of washes and uses. The quality is still very luxurious, the more I wash it, the softer it gets! I do not iron my bed sheets or anything. The photo you see above is exactly how it looks like after a few washes. It is just so soft that I can cuddle all the time! 

I would most definitely recommend this to you. A night of good sleep is probably more important than good food!"

- Mokolate

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"I love linen in my wardrobe and now in my bedding too! It breathes better than cotton, keeps you cool in the summer and warm when in the winter. I love that I never have to worry about it looking wrinkled because it’s supposed to look that way. It’s cozy, soft and it just looks great. If you want a look of understated luxury, linen is the way to go!

Quite honestly, I’ve never felt more comfortable while laying in bed.  It’s so soft and I love its crinkly texture.  Ahh, I can’t get enough.  This may be the start of my linen bedding obsession."

- My Style and Grace

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